Crow or Indigo • 19 • He/Him/They/Them/Rai/Rain/Abyss/Abysself


Do NOT interact if you fit general DNI criteria, think fiction affects reality, think Pan people are Biphobic, impose your own beliefs on others, impose your own religion on others, are a minor in my NSFW acc or interactin with my NSFW.

About me

Hi! Call me Crow, Indigo or Aster.I'm currently 19y/o, I'm trans and go by He/Him, They/Them, Rai/Rain and Abyss/Abysself so feel free to use any of thouse!Pan, Demi and Poly, currently single.I'm 99.9% sure I have ADHD but I'll have to get it checked, just know I tend to hyperfixate on things and I may rant a bit too much, stop me if I go off the rails and bother you pls!I'm a digital artist and I also like to write x readers.

Kins and fave ships

I kin Hanako-kun(Jibaku Shounen) and Aether(Genshin Impact).My absolute most fave ship, and comfort, is Aeventi/Venther.I also like Gorother, Thomather, Cynother, Scaraether, Dottoscara, Tomokazu, Kazuscara, Albexiao, Chili, Zhongkae, Scarabedo, Chaeya, Lumiamber, Eulamber, Jeanlisa, Monashl/Fishlmona.

Art and commissions《Closed》

Currently closed as I'm rebrandin to Crowtaclysm, I'm tryina develop a new style while finishin owed art from before. After this, I'll take a break from doin art for others and start doin some more personal art which will help me find my new style.Thanks for your understandin, hope to see you later on in this part of the carrd!~


I haven't decided to open writin comms yet and I probably will not for a long while as it is more of a hobby than anythin. But if you do wish to read some of my works, you may find me on Tumblr as:
This is a Genshin x reader blog however, I only write for GN and Male readers so have that in mind if you wish to check it out.


The followin people are forbidden from followin me, interactin with my content, buyin adopts/commissions from me, etc.
If you are here it's because you've broken one or multiple of my rules, been disrespectful, started drama, done not-so-great things, etc.
Do NOT ask me to remove you from my blacklist, do NOT ask a friend to tell me to remove you from my blacklist(this will result on them gettin blacklisted as well), do NOT try to block evade or use alt accounts to get over the blacklist.
People blacklisted:
Acused me of stealin/rippin off/copyin their LupisVulpes dog "Toshie", you do not own a color palette, stripes, horns, cristals or anythin of the sorts, I have had 5 Discord SERVERS compare the two and all 5 have agreed that they're not copied, kindly stfu.
This one's self explanatory, I don't think she'd ever even cross me on the internet, but still, just in case.
I will not elaborare, just stay the fuck away from this person.
Hoe, like, literally, she cheated on me 2 weeks into the relationship, I ain't tellin with how many dudes, but just know it wasn't only 2 or 3, or 5. Love bombed me to cover up the fact that all she wanted was to get free art from me. There's more but I won't get into thouse details.